Are you an Ideal Client?

Over the years, we’ve had to chance to help a variety of different types of clients. Individuals, families, and business owners from all walks of life; high net-worth and low net-worth. We’ve worked with young people just getting started, to executive retirees of Fortune 500 companies. There are seasons to clients’ lives that we can offer valuable guidance through, navigating it together as life unfolds.

Partnering with such a healthy cross-section of people has given us clarity when defining who our Ideal Clients are. You might be surprised to learn that, unlike many in our profession, we do not seek to alienate an entire group of people by working exclusively with high-net worth investors. Nor do we stipulate account value minimums when taking on new clients. Our reasoning is simple.

We believe EVERYONE can benefit from the steady guidance of a qualified financial planner. And we mean everyone. You will see a familiar pattern develop out of our message. Words like “dynamic” and “collaboration” appear more than once in our story, and that is by design.

You see, the key to our long- term relationships with clients and their families lies in our mutual ability to share openly and honestly with one another. There must exist a mutual respect and trust between both sides, otherwise an unsuccessful outcome is almost certain.

For that reason, our door is always open to fair, honest clients who are willing and eager to accept the help and guidance we can offer. We love our clients because they are engaged and committed to a successful and prosperous future, working together with us to plan for their family’s future.

We ask that every client commit to always come in with open minds, and a willingness to work through challenges as we go through this journey together. We will not always have the answer to every challenge right away, but we will always commit to finding that answer! We practice this commitment each and every day. And we do it with a Fiduciary mindset, meeting the Fiduciary Standard.



Definition: held or founded in trust or confidence